Hand Blender to Simplify Your cooking


Whether you accept baby or big kitchen, there are some accessories which accomplish your affable cool easy. If you accept an electric kettle, you don't charge to put on your gas oven for tea or coffee. Likewise, with a hand blender, you can calmly accomplish borsch or alloy the vegetables to accomplish your soup. This accessory is the abate adaptation of duke mixer. A handheld blender is fabricated of continued shaft, fabricated of artificial or stainless animate and alternating blades.

Benefits of Hand Blender

There are lots of advantages of using this kitchen tool. Let see how a handheld blender makes your kitchen chores easy-

It is small in size. So, you can store it anywhere in your kitchen. You can also mount it on kitchen wall.

These are quite lightweight and simple to operate.

Due to its smaller size, you can use it in any stock pots, cocktail shaker or any bowls.

Cleaning it is nothing difficult. You can wash it in warm and soapy water. There are some models where the shaft is detachable. Place the blades into dishwasher. Through this process you can save the motor from damaging while washing.

Additional Accessories for Hand Blender

To simplify your kitchen chores, hand blender helps a lot. There are some models which come with narrow mixing bowls. But, to make your task easier, you can attach some additional accessories to it.

Whisk- A whisk is required to make the batter of cakes or for eggs and creams.

Chopper- If this is attached to your handheld blender, it will work as mini food processor. The cups come in different size.

Alternate Blades- You can attach blades to the device for mincing, chopping and aerating. Multitasking unit, no?

Tips for Using Hand Blender

While using a new thing, you need to be careful. Any improper use of hand blender can create great mess.

Always immerge the blender completely into the mixing bowl to stop spattering the ingredients all over the kitchen.

Don't use blender for hot soups. It is for safety. Let it cool down a little bit and use the blender.

To stop splashing of sauces and soups, always turn off the power button before removing it from the mixing bowl.

Again, you should turn on the power button while the blender is completely into the bowl.

If you have little portion to blend, take a narrow and tall container and blend so that you can stop spattering.

Move the blades carefully so that you can make smooth puree of the whole ingredients.

While blending, ensure that the blades reach to the bottom of the pot but won't get any scratch.