Is it Magic Or is it Really Just a Juicer


There are a lot of masticating juicers out there that believe they are the best, the most efficient, the most user-friendly. The thing that really matters though, is how it performs. You can tell us how great a masticating juicer is all day long, but we're hard-pressed (no pun intended) to believe your claims until actual customers and ourselves have used it. So, what I'm about to talk about is what says about the slow juicer, as well as what customers have reported about it.

It has a single auger design, so instead of quick, spinning blades that slice up up the fruits and veggies, like in centrifugal juicers, instead it "chews" up the foods. Like every masticating juicer, it crushes and grinds up the fruits and vegetables and supposedly that allows for more juice and less waste.

The Slow Juicer is literally a a low rpm juicer. It works in dual stages, so it actually grinds up the produce and then presses it twice. This makes sure you get the best possible juice yield and waste less food. The pulp comes out much drier so you know it's doing its job.

Besides for being a great juicer it also will allow you to juice your produce and such without making a lot of noise with fast running parts. You will be surprised at just how quickly the slow juicer will put out the juice that you so desire.

A main concern for a lot of buyers is how easy it will be to clean something like this. The Slow Juicer has a self-cleaning function that works while you pour water into it. From the sound of it, cleaning this machine couldn't be much easier. There are more slow juicer in