The Advantages of A Steam Mop


Steam mop are a great alternative to the mops your mother may have used for cleaning. With a steam mop, the need for a separate mop and water bucket is eliminated. Steam mops are highly effective at removing germs, dirt, and scuffs from hard surfaced floors without leaving behind chemical residues.

Steam mops have an unlimited list of advantages over standard water and bucket mops. Steam mops are gentle enough to use on all hardwood floors, marble floors, and even laminate floors. Since a steam mop is designed to dry floors quicker, there is no need to worry about the water getting into the hard floors' surfaces and ruining them. Steam mops come with their own self containing water bucket that is built in. No longer do you need to lug around a mop and a heavy bucket of water.

With standard mops, if you have floors that are not suitable to be cleaned with large amounts of water or chemicals unless you follow behind the mop with a towel, you are at risk of ruining your floor. A steam mop allows the water to evaporate as soon as it hits the floor, meaning that you no longer have to be on your hands and knees drying the floor. Another advantage of the steam mop is its patented steam cleaning design. Since the mop uses steam to clean the surface of the floor, there is no need for additional chemicals that are harsh to your floor.

It has been proven long ago that the old mop and bucket style of mopping is ineffective as a cleaning method. After you have to put the mop back in the bucket the first time to rewet it, the water is no longer clean. You continue to rewet the mop and clean the floor using dirty mop water. If you have small children and pets, you are exposing them to dirty chemical water.

Steam mops, however, use a much cleaner method to scrub the floor. There is no rewetting of the mop and sticking it back into to dirty water full of chemicals and germs. Steam mops can heat the water in their tanks up to an amazing 130 degrees Celsius. Heating the water to such a high degree enables the mop to kill bacteria and germs while leaving a clean floor for your pets and children. Along with bacteria and germs, steam mops can kill and prevent the future growth of molds and mildew. Steam mops are also used by people with allergies to destroy and prevent dust mites and other potential allergens.

Well, the best thing about steam mops is the fact that you can eliminate harmful chemicals that you used to use when cleaning your floors. Not only are these chemicals harmful to your family but they are also bad on pets. If you are looking for a mop that takes most of the work out of mopping and is pet and child friendly, try a steam mop and prepare for a wonderful mopping experience.