Why You Need a Hand Blender


Whenever our food processor leaves chunks in a soup or we don't feel like hauling out the mixer to make whipped cream, we think about buying an immersion blender. We've viewed this handheld blender an unnecessary additional kitchen gadget for years, but now we're starting to revise our opinion.

A hand blender’s blade attachment is able to withstand high temperatures. This means that when blending food such as curries or sauce, you can use the blender right in the pan-pureéing your ingredients until they are as smooth as you want.

Making mayonnaise involves adding oil, drop by drop, to a mix of lemon juice (or vinegar) and egg yolk. It requires some practice as the mixture can curdle easily, but it is possible with a good hand blender. Likewise, you can also use the appliance to prepare oil-and-vinegar-based salad dressings that tend to separate easily.

If you have babies or toddlers at home, items such as fruits, boiled vegetables or chicken can be chopped by your blender to a paste for them. A hand blender is a great alternative to a potato masher for smooth, lump-free mashed potatoes.

As with sauces and curries, you can pure soup with your hand blender right in the pan instead of the dicey task of transferring the hot contents into a blender jug.

Dump ingredients such as fruits, yogurt and milk into your jug and blend. To save time, this can be done directly in your mug or glass.

You can find that a hand blender is very convenience and can help you save time. Not only do they take up very little space, but they're also a breeze to clean and have so many smart uses.