A Guide to What is Food Processor


Creating meals can involve a lot of chopping, grating, and mincing. While all these tasks can be done by hand, there is a handy kitchen device that takes a lot of the work out of each of these jobs. The food processor is an electric kitchen tool that utilizes several different blades and a high-speed motor to handle several different common cooking tasks.

Food processors come in a range of sizes, generally between a two cup to a fourteen cup capacity. A typical one will have a round clear bowl, often constructed of durable plastic, that fits onto a platform and to the motor for the unit. To cover the bowl, a clear plastic cover with a built-in food chute locks into place. Within the bowl is a mechanism that allows for several different types of blades to be attached. Each of the blades will perform a different type of function, with one that handles grating, another that can mix dough and biscuit mix, and still another that works for chopping and mincing. Ingredients are deposited down the food chute or tube while the food processor is running. Proper use of the processor will result in food that is evenly and quickly prepared, whether the task is to chop, mince, puree, or blend.

Generally speaking, a food processor can speed the process of preparing foods a great deal. For example, hummus has become increasingly popular in North America. With a good processor, it is easy to combine the chickpeas, oil or lemon juice and any seasonings required to prepare a basic recipe. The processor can also quickly chop cabbage and carrots. Dicing onions for soups, salads, and other cooking projects becomes an easy task with this device as well. As a bonus, using a good processor to chop or dice onions means no watery eyes and less lingering onion aroma on the hands during preparation time.

A food processor is also handy to turn your old toasted bread into usable breadcrumbs, mix dough for rolls, biscuits and other baked breads. Preparing homemade mayonnaise takes just a few moments with a food processor, as does the preparation of fresh salsa. Essentially, a good processor comes in handy for just about any chopping, dicing, or blending kitchen task that you can imagine. With less cleanup around the kitchen and a lot less effort, you will find a food processor helps to make cooking a lot easier. You can see more kitchen appliances in http://www.kitchen-home-appliance.com