Automatic coffee machine use


   The automatic coffee machine is much easier to operate than the semi-automatic coffee machine, but there are still a lot of friends who will not operate this type of machine. Today, it's how to use the automatic coffee machine.
   Different coffee machines are also different, but most of the automatic coffee machine features the same diameter, are one-button operation, automatic grinding beans, automatic cooking coffee. Fully automatic coffee machine can generally make American coffee, ordinary Italian coffee, espresso coffee (ESPRESSO) and milk foam (CAPPUCCINO), can provide hot water and steam.

   First, to make coffee first to connect the power supply, coffee machine must be connected to the A / C socket. The voltage to be used must correspond to the specified voltage indicated on the machine package. Do not use a defective power cord, plug the power supply and turn on the power of the coffee machine.
   Second, remove the bean lid, and with the right amount of coffee beans into the beans (most automatic coffee machine capacity of the beans will not exceed 400G), installed to 8 percent full.
   Third, remove the machine on the water tank, take the water tank cover, into about 3/4 capacity of water, the bottom of the tank for the role of water discharge. When the tank is put back into the machine, the tank is automatically pressurized and the tank is covered.
   Fourth, to complete the above preparations can be made after the coffee, and generally automatic coffee machine fuselage above are: "small cup", "big cup", hot water / steam, coffee powder and several function keys, Use the powder button, because it is not powdery this device, only that can only use coffee beans. There are also some coffee powder set, coffee water (concentration) settings, double cup and other buttons, the specific button varies by machine. Need a large cup of coffee according to the big cup keys, to drink a small cup is a small button, so automatic coffee machine making coffee is very simple, do not need too much man to operate, as long as the basic conditions to do the coffee on the line.
   Fifth, if you need to make fancy coffee, you need to do a cup of espresso (ESPRESSO) in advance, and then use a pull flower steel cup to 1 / 3-1 / 2 whole milk, so that the steam pipe just contact the milk surface, The inner wall of the cup is about one finger far. Open the steam switch, when the milk bubble has been about to the extent of the cup, the first turn off the steam, and then take the milk cup. At this time the right hand end pull flower steel cup, left hand concentrated coffee, the milk will be playing slowly into the newly completed espresso. Such a cup of fragrant   CAPPUCCINO to do a good job, is not it simple? So whether it is home or office, automatic coffee machine is your choice.