Basic terms for coffee machines


   Semi-automatic coffee maker
   Semi automatic coffee machine, commonly known as the moving handle machine, coffee machine is a traditional Italy. The machine is operated manually, milled, pressed, powdered, brewed, and artificially removed. These machines have small, single tap household machines, as well as dual taps, three taps, large commercial machines, etc., and newer machines are equipped with electronic water control to accurately and automatically control the amount of coffee brewed.
   This kind of machine is mainly produced in Italy, and it is very popular in Italy. Its main features are: simple structure, reliable work, easy maintenance, in accordance with the correct use of methods to make high-quality Italy coffee. The disadvantages of this machine are also a bit: the operator must undergo rigorous training to make a high quality coffee with this machine, and the excellent barista can provide custom made coffee.
   But if you can do it yourself, it's really a spiritual pleasure to make a cup of delicious coffee.
   Just think, what could be better than your own coffee?
   Full automatic coffee machine
   People apply electronic technology to the coffee machine, and realize automatic control of the whole process of brewing coffee, such as flour milling, powder pressing, powder filling, brewing, removing residue, etc., and creating an automatic coffee machine.
   Fully automatic coffee machine of high quality according to the scientific data and procedures to make coffee, but also has a perfect protection system, which is convenient to use, just one click you can get the coffee, the convenience is better than the traditional coffee machine products.
The structure is complex, needs good maintenance, higher maintenance costs, is the drawback of this machine. However, the automatic coffee machine is convenient, fast, consistent quality, high efficiency, operators do not need training and other outstanding advantages, making it more and more popular with customers.
   Other varieties
   Switzerland, Germany, Italy and other countries produced a variety of automatic coffee machine. Among them, the Swiss made fully automatic coffee machine design, quality, stability and reliability, unique, and in the international coffee machine industry renowned.
   Automatic coffee machine, according to the number of cups brewed per hour coffee (usually from 60 cups to 280 cups per hour), divided into large, medium and small, a wide range of applicable to office and family.