Buy Soymilk need to pay attention to matters


   1  brand. Professional brand Soymilk has a certain technical content, regardless of material quality, motor, tool, filter, computer control systems have been rigorously tested. Some miscellaneous brand Soymilk and high imitation Soymilk prices are very cheap, but the effect can not be compared with the brand Soymilk.
   2  mass. In general, through the Chinese compulsory certification (3 C certification), the EU CE certified Soymilk motor, can be guaranteed, and the real smart non-stick Soymilk is the first water temperature heated to the standard temperature before the start grinding and other processing procedures.
  3  performance. Motor is the core components of Soymilk, the performance is essential, a good blade should have a certain angle of the helix tilt, so that the blade rotation in a three-dimensional space after the broken beans, not only can be completely broken beans, but also produce a huge centrifugal force , The beans in the full release of nutrients.
   4  craftsmanship. Mesh mesh design is very critical, good mesh mesh grid-shaped cross-shaped arrangement, dense and uniform, smooth wall smooth, not blocked, not hanging pulp, the pulp rate is high, From the outside to see, if the transparency is high, the arrangement is very ordered mesh high-quality network cover.
   5  details. Consumers in the purchase, it is recommended to buy Soymilk heating tube is a small semi-circular semi-round, easy to wash and loading and unloading the screen, because this heating tube technology is difficult, small manufacturers products can not meet the technical requirements.