Considerations for purchasing cooking machines


   The cooking machine has become a big kitchen helper in many families. So what do you pay attention to?
   On the market, the performance standards of food processor are divided into five categories: juice yield, noise index, stability, ease of use, slag situation. So we should pay attention to the following when we buy the machine:
   First of all, the machine out juice rate. The juice yield is high, indicating some fruit can obtain more juice (or soybeans, corn and so on); on the contrary, if the juice rate is not high, will cause the fruit residue in fruit juice retained many, not only the utilization rate is low, it will cause a waste of nutrients. From the market point of view, such a problem is mainly reflected in the cutter tooth shape, speed level, and between the propeller and the cutter tooth distance is appropriate, in addition, juice rate and filter structure also have a certain relationship, if production is not qualified or not properly designed, will affect the rate of juice problem.
   Secondly, the noise index of the cooking machine. Cooking machine work normally when the noise is less than 85dBA, the smaller the better noise; if the noise is large, it is usually because the machine is not good stability during the operation, resulting in the boot operation process or stop when the net or disc phenomenon. Excessive noise is a kind of torture for the enjoyment of the user, and it also reduces the service life of the machine.
   Third, the stability of the cooking machine. General cooking machine should be stable in the work, there should be no jitter, net phenomenon, but some of the machines in the operation process is not easy to maintain stability, and even dumping and cause the blade flying wounding accident. To control the motor stability and noise, it is necessary to design a reasonable damping system of motor into the host, in order to control the rotating net balance effect, the motor and the damping system put forward higher requirements.
   Fourth, the ease of use of the cooking machine. Easy to use in simple operation, easy to clean and efficiency.
   Fifth, slag fly cooking machine. Quality qualified cooking machine, requiring the residue can be discharged in time, and as far as possible not to stay on the rotating web, drinks can also be discharged for the first time. Cooking machine some unqualified, residue will stay in rotation within the network, causing network plug phenomenon; or drink can not be discharged, resulting in liquid into the internal host, or immediate burning motor, or causing very trouble clearing engineering.