Correct use of home improvement steam iron


    Steam iron as a family standing household appliances, its use must be more frequent. But you do not know how to use the steam iron correctly? Next Fuxian head Xiaobian to teach everyone 2015 home steam iron use tutorial, I hope for your help Oh!
    Iron is a tool to smooth clothes and fabrics, power is generally between 300-1000W. Its type can be divided into: ordinary type, thermostat type, steam spray type. Ordinary iron structure is simple, cheap, easy to manufacture and maintain. Adjustable temperature iron can automatically adjust the temperature within the range of 60-250 ℃, can automatically cut off the power, according to the different clothing using a suitable temperature to iron, than the average type of electricity. Steam spray iron has both thermostat function, but also produce steam, and some also equipped with spray device, eliminating the trouble of artificial water spray, and more uniform wetting clothes, ironing better.
Steam iron use tutorial
1, the first use of steam iron, first of all should read the instructions for the iron, the instructions on the more detailed, enough for you to understand, depending on whether the iron is made or imported, foreign iron on the voltage There are requirements, pay attention to see whether the voltage of steam iron match.
2, read the manual, start using steam iron, iron core power cord should be the first yellow, green color line grounding, the purpose is to prevent the occurrence of leakage, causing the risk of electric shock, endangering human health .
3, plug in the power, turn off the steam button, and then set up the steam iron with a cup of water, the volume of iron water reservoir to determine how much water. If you want to better maintain the steam iron, then add the best boil water cooling boiled water to prevent scale. If the iron is equipped with water level iron, water level can be observed within the reservoir level, according to the need for water.
4, steam iron fabric signs there is a steam sign, turn on the iron, the temperature control knob screwed to the position between the wool and linen cloth, the indicator light immediately. When the light is off, the soleplate temperature has reached the desired value. If the iron has been filled with water, there is steam spray, can be ironed.
5, steam iron can dry the fabric for ironing, but be sure to accurately judge the variety of ironed fabric, and then adjust the temperature control knob to reach the most suitable floor temperature, you can start ironing the fabric, after ironing, and then Steam knob to adjust to 0 position just fine.
6, after ironing, turn off the steam iron button, and then the iron all the remaining water drained, and then adjust the temperature knob to the most high-power heating, waiting for the internal evaporation of all water, and then turn off the power, and then the temperature Turn the knob back to the lowest position, until the iron cools down and pack it well in a dry place.
7, steam iron After using for a period of time, if there is a white powder in the jet hole under the soleplate of the electric iron, use white vinegar and water to make half-tune into the jug of the steam iron and heat for about ten minutes, shake the iron gently, So that you can carefully wash the various parts, and then pour out the vinegar solution, then rinse with water several times before ironing.