Cotton candy machine screen out and out of the sugar device maintenance methods


Art cotton candy machine clean up the screen is also very simple, if not plugging can only be washed under water, if slightly blocked, you need to soak with warm water for a while, then find a brush to clean it. If the plug is not particularly serious brush up, then pliers can be used to clamp the screen, put down the gas stove on the dry, because the screen is made of stainless steel, so afraid of fire, until the red, until the residual sugar ashes gently knock click to clean.

Clean up
The sweetener of a cotton candy machine depends on the cleanliness of the sweetener. There is no need to clean it if it is very clean. If there is sugar residue, it needs to be cleaned to make the sugar smooth and smoke-free. Because the sugar is a special device, under normal circumstances there is no need to clean, individual time, will be out in the sugar and sieve solutions Department, plot under the dark caramel. To be out of the sugar temperature down, with a wire brush or steel ball gently brush, you can clean. The screen can be removed separately and placed on the stove for cooking at home for a few minutes to be very clean.
Note: When cleaning the basin, first turn off the motor. In order to avoid the motor rotation, take the basin at the same time, the sugar fan and basin collide, so as not to damage the sugar device. So as not to change the fan angle, but the direction will be followed by a change, so can not effect