Cotton candy machine type


Electric cotton candy machine, gas cotton candy machine is divided into manual cotton candy machine, automatic cotton candy machine.
Marshmallows - a source of history
Cotton candy from ancient Egypt. Beginning about 2,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians squeezed juice from the roots of the hollyhock, a plant-botanical drug used to treat sore throat and digestive disorders, and blended the juice with honey into a throat sugar. Until the early nineteenth century, hollyhock was introduced into France. The French chef found that the mallow of hollyhock was mixed with water to form a thick gelatinous gel, and he invented the marshmallows mixed with syrup of marshmallow, syrup, protein and vanilla orchid seeds. Until now, in order to save costs and easy mass-production, the hollyhock's mucus has been replaced by gelatin, as one of the main materials of cotton candy. Current marshmallows are made from sugar or corn syrup, stirred protein, water-softened gelatin, sweeteners made from synthetic flavors and stabilizers