Currently the world's important coffee beans


   The production area of coffee beans (commonly known as coffee bands) is between 25 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees south latitude, covering many countries in China, West Africa, Middle East and South Asia, Pacific Ocean, Latin America and the Caribbean. The reason why coffee cultivation is concentrated in this band-like area, mainly by the temperature limit. Because the coffee tree is very vulnerable to frost, latitude north or south is not suitable to tropical areas is appropriate, this area of heat and humidity is ideal.
At present the world's important coffee beans mainly from the Arabian coffee quality is better, the price is more expensive.
   China's coffee producing areas are mainly in Hainan, Yunnan, Guangdong; the north of Hainan Island, southern Yunnan Province, located between 15 degrees north latitude to the Tropic of Cancer, just in this golden zone, day and night temperature in its cultivation of coffee without South America, India and Africa and other flavor is too thick and bitter, but thick and not bitter, fragrant and not strong, very unique. And with a little fruit, is the top grade of coffee, many international praise "the best quality coffee in the world" and the London International Coffee Market as "quality products, mellow first."
   Taiwan, China
   Taiwan is located in the subtropical, mountainous areas, there are obvious rainy season, the coffee, it is also a good growth environment, not from the sunshine years after the introduction of the British coffee tree, the scale has not been planted. There are still small-scale cultivation, there are in the Nantou mountain area of Huilin (more than 1000 meters above sea level), Yunlin ancient pit of the mountain (elevation 294 meters) coffee by-product flavor close to the South American beans, soft Sour taste and good texture, taste flat, and Hui Lin's coffee beans are said to be weak acid.
   Brazil (Brazil)
   The production of coffee accounts for 1/3 of the world's total. In the entire coffee trading market, although occupies a very important position, is the largest producer. But because the Brazilian coffee industry has been taking low-cost, large-scale planting strategy, so the production of coffee quality on average but less excellent grade, is generally considered to be mixed with the deployment of coffee beans, Brazilian coffee in many varieties Santos is famous.
   Colombia is the world's second largest producer, producing 12% of the world's total output. The coffee beans are of good quality, and the coffee trees are planted in highlands, small areas of cultivation, carefully harvested and processed by wet processing. Of the coffee quality of the United States, rich and unique flavor, whether it is a single drink or mixed are very appropriate.
   For the world famous "Blue Mountain coffee" origin. The quality of coffee produced in Jamaica is very common, and the quality of the coffee grown in the lowlands is very common, but the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee produced by the highlands is regarded as the most advanced variety in the world and is regarded as the world's most famous, most expensive and most Controversial coffee. All kinds of coffee with the material, the taste of aromatic alcohol rich, rich, moderate and perfect sour, three flavor (sweet, sour, bitter) excellent Zhuo tune, for the coffee in the grade, generally single product drink.
   Yemen pass is Arab, for the birthplace of the Arabica type, had "mocha coffee" in the name of all the rage, and now the event is no longer. But its alcohol-like flavor, rich mellow characteristics, is still quite by the consumer Green Mi rice coffee. And Brazil, Colombia produced by the coffee with the quilt selected as a hybrid coffee three swordsmen.
   In the central highlands of Guatemala, some of the world's most unique flavors of coffee are growing. Its strong acidity, medium concentration, rich taste, taste aroma and slightly charcoal flavor.
   On the southwest coast of Hawaii, there is one of the most famous and traditional Hawaiian coffee, Hawaii Kang Na. This coffee bean grows only in Connaught and is the only coffee produced in the United States. The volcanic rock on the Connaught Coast breeds this fragrant, sweet coffee. Top grade "Kang Na Kona" in its moderate acid with a slight wine fragrance, has a very rich taste and irresistible flavor.
   Located in Kenya near East Africa, the grown coffee beans are of high quality Arabica seed size. Large grain, very strong and taste, moderate acidity Kenya has a perfect level system, according to the size of coffee beans and divided into seven grades, but also by taste from top to bottom is divided into six grades, including "Kenya AA" especially deep Be well received.
   The origin of the name of the coffee is from the southwest of the addition of places, and the southern part of the West are the main origin. In addition, the eastern highlands of Hala is also famous for coffee. Bean small and fragrant, and "hara. Mocha", 'Long Gu Bailey' and other special names, has a unique flavor, usually only Mocha called.
   The main origin of Sumatra Island, melon wow Island, Sulawesi Island. Of which 90% for the Robusta species, the quality of the world's first. Sumatra Island is the most famous mantra for the most famous. , In the north of the island also produced "plus by the mountain", and melon wow island of Arabica has a good sour, especially by the Dutch favorite. Sulawesi produced a large grain of "Carlo West", the southwestern hills of the Tracta local production of 'Traga' for its representatives.