Dishwasher design and equipment


   Dishwashing room in the restaurant business, which can effectively reduce the tableware damage, to ensure that washing utensils and sanitary quality, it is very important.
   1. Dishwashing room should be close to the restaurant, and try to be in the same plane as the restaurant. The location of the dishes is close to the restaurant and the kitchen, making it easy to pass dirty dishes and kitchen utensils. Dishwashers and restaurants remain in the same plane, mainly to reduce the labor intensity of the delivery of tableware staff. Of course, after the large-scale dining activities, dining car push tableware, which is a prerequisite.
   2. There should be a reliable disinfection facility in the dishwashing room. Dishwashing room is not only responsible for cleaning utensils, kitchen utensils, but also responsible for all the washing utensils disinfection work. And by hand washing tableware dishwashing room, you must be in the washing, according to the hotel's energy and site conditions and other specific circumstances, the allocation of specialized disinfection facilities. Disinfection of this, and then cut the tableware with a clean cloth, for the restaurant, kitchen use.
   3. Wash the dishes through, the exhaust effect is better. Whether it is set, install the advanced set of cleaning, disinfection in one dishwasher dishwashing room, or hand washing, steam sterilization of the washing room, during the washing operation, will produce water vapor, steam, steam. These gases, if not timely pumping, will not only affect the operation of the dishwasher, but also make the washed or even dry tableware re-emergence of water vapor, but also to the restaurant, the kitchen back, pollution in the vicinity of regional environment. Therefore, we must take effective design, and effectively solve the dishes through the pass, the exhaust problem, to create a good environment.