Egg crumpled face technique


1, Take a pot and the best, if not the use of ceramic, stainless steel or ceramic. Then pour the right amount of flour into the basin, make a small pit in the middle of the flour, and add water, yeast, or other material in it. (if you do cake or bread, you can add eggs, butter, milk, and so on, and add materials to the use of the noodles.)
2, After the material is added, try to make all the materials in the small pit, to ensure that the small pit is wet inside, and the outside is dry flour. During the period of water will be fully open to dissolve yeast, and then find a chopstick, flour from the middle of a small pit position began to stir, let the flour a little dissolved in water until all flour dissolved into the water into a dough.
3, Mixing flour, flour will be natural for half an hour, if the weather is cold, can be placed in a period of time, can have an hour for two hours, according to the actual wendou-a set. Let the flour wake up and wait for the spare.
4, After the dough woke up, we began to use the egg whisk to mix with the noodles. If conditions permit, it is better to use the electric egg whisk, so that the dough will live better and faster. Take out the egg beater, insert the stir bar into the dough, then put one hand in the basin, hold the egg beater in one hand, and set the egg mixer to the middle speed.
5, Generally need 35 minutes, the dough will live well. If it's for cake making, you can add some butter in it, and then use the egg whisk and noodles until the butter is absorbed completely, then stop and face.
6, After living a good dough, you will remove the egg device, cover the basin with a fresh-keeping film, put the basin in a place where the temperature is higher, and let the dough ferment itself. When the dough expands to two times the size of the dough, the dough is fermented. Then remove the dough and remove the bubbles inside the dough.
7, The dough should be cut, or other shape according to the needs, for standby.

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