Eggboilers buy skills


1. There are manufacturers address or telephone boiled egg, the general color box has, that thing is where the product out of the problem can be consulted, but also to prevent fake.
2. There is a certificate on the product, there is a production date on the certificate, and now there is a collection of products, if the shelf life, if it took a long time ago or can not afford to deal with things, there is also a great risk of.
3. Three plug-in plug with grounding facilities to prevent electrical leakage, improve the safety effect, the factory has a test, that is, foreign trade is to test the ground leakage.
4. If there is no switch of boiled egg, then it is easy to continue heating, there are security risks at the same time damage the machine.
5. The best egg bowl configuration of the egg, the price will be more expensive, but you can steamed custard, comfortable, more convenient to use.
6. Buy hot plate stainless steel boiled egg is good, white is stainless steel, black is spray (aluminum or iron), (like a rice cooker), sprayed out of iron things will rust. Material is also expensive steel, the product factory cost is high.
7. Boiled egg is a small household appliances category, legitimate goods in many places have security signs, box, machine, installed on the transparent tape.
8. The best choice to buy automatic egg boilers, more convenient, do not have to look at the next, especially office workers, people in a hurry.