Electric whisk


1, Try to choose high-power whisk general choice electric whisk is the key to choose the power, currently on the market selling electric whisk power varies, generally rated power between 50W-300W, it is recommended that you choose as much as possible Power slightly larger electric beater, especially if you want to do this type of sponge requires a long time and high efficiency egg, it is best to choose high-power egg beater. General domestic egg beater best rated power do not choose less than 100W, because the power is too small, it means more time to fight things, and generally low-power mixer more counterfeit products, very easy to break .
2, Stirring rod material is very important, cheap egg stick generally used secondary recovery of metal materials, poor durability, but also with a long time the material may appear rusty, skin off the imagination, the safety of the ingredients is very Big risk. The high quality stirring rod is generally made of stainless steel chrome-plated material, the material is safe and reliable, never rust.
3, More stalls to choose more convenient operation More stalls more suitable for professional baking whisk, many friends in the purchase of whisk and did not attach importance to stall design, that even if there is only one stall, as long as you can beat the egg No problem, it is not true, the egg beater gear is mainly used to control the egg speed, different food for different speeds to mix, even if the same ingredients because of operational requirements will be slow or fast after the first Fast and slow choice, so as much as possible to choose the gear to buy more adjustable eggbeater.
4, Heat a good egg mixer longer life. When the egg beater at work because of the high degree of operation has been in a short period of time will have a greater amount of heat, how to heat has become the key, the inferior electric mixer because there is no special thermal design, the general use A minute or two can obviously feel the motor is very hot, and even a burning plastic taste. The high-quality mixer will have a special ventilation hole ventilation, the use of airflow-based cooling principle, can effectively extend the product's continuous working time and the service life of the motor.