Five Things You Should Avoid Doing With Steam Mop


Some people refuse to use steam on any hardwood floor, whether or not sealed. Others often use steam mop on their hardwood floors and report excellent results.

Do not use your steam mop on unsealed hardwood floors.If you are looking for a lot of market, you will find some steam mops that are designed for safe use of the floor. There is a problem when the floor is problematic due to wear and tear. If the floor installer fails to complete the floor, the floor will be damaged and exposed. Since the steam cleaner produces moisture and may wet the surface, these breakage may cause the exposed wood to expand and warp.

Do not use your mop on delicate fabrics, such as leather. Some steam mop can be safely used for furniture and various fabrics, but there are restrictions. If you have Italian leather sofas, the material may not directly absorb moisture. This is especially true if your steam mop leaves too much water. Read your steam mop manual to make sure you know what material is designed for safe cleaning. When you first clean the fabric, try a small, unobtrusive area.

Do not use a steam mop on a recently waxed floor. Your newly opened floor is shining and beautiful, you want to make sure it keeps clean. Unfortunately, the heat from the steam mop can melt the wax and destroy the bright finish. If you play from your floor for a while, you can try your steam mop in a small area under the furniture to see if the surface is not damaged.

Do not think your steam mop will disinfect the floor after quick cleaning. Since many steam mops are sold as a safe way to clean the surface throughout the home, some people think that quick cleaning is able to completely disinfect. Unfortunately, most steam mops must be kept on the surface for 10-15 seconds. This is faster and easier than manually scrubbing the surface, but it does slow down the delay process.

Avoid putting your steam mop in place for more than 20 seconds. In most steam mop manuals, you will find similar warnings. If a place is very dirty, or fear of bacteria that may stay after the disease, hot steam to do disinfection work should not exceed 15 seconds. If you hold steam for longer than this, the risk of damage to your floor is much higher due to the collection of heat and moisture.

Your steam mop is a good tool to keep your home hygiene, but it has some limitations. When you purchase new products, make sure you read the manuals and all maintenance instructions provided in the package. See more at