Food mixer working principle


    Almost every kitchen is placed with a food mixer. They can mix a variety of raw materials to make cookies, cakes, muffins, bread, desserts and other foods. Because they set a variety of functions in one, so just set up a new home people are very popular. However, the food mixer failure how to repair it?
   Food mixer is a kind of electric small appliances. In other words, their function is not heating, but stirring. In particular, they can stir or mix food ingredients. Obviously, the motor is a major component of the food mixer. Of course, never gear. The gear rotates the motor and rotates the stirrer in the opposite direction. The speed controller can change the current transmitted to the motor, thus controlling the speed of the agitator.
    There are two types of food mixers: portable (portable) mixers and fixed (vertical) mixers. Portable mixer is very light, the motor is smaller, suitable for a relatively simple mix of work. Vertical mixer motor and components larger, can perform more difficult work, such as kneading or mixing a large group of raw materials.