Full automatic coffee machine needs to know how to maintain it


   Automatic coffee machine technology is perfect, and is for the purpose of better customer service, but also to enjoy the aroma of coffee. But no matter how expensive the fully automatic coffee machine is, if not promptly maintained and properly maintained. It is also likely to cause damage to the machine and affect the user experience. The service life of the whole coffee machine will also be shortened. The following is a brief list of maintenance methods for fully automatic coffee machines:
   First, the automatic coffee machine bean bin, should be determined to avoid the use of water in the process into the bean warehouse inside. Using coffee beans that contain debris can also cause damage to the grinders in the espresso machines.
   Two, the automatic coffee machine water tank can not add warm water, hot water, ice water, or even mineral water, must use pure water.
   Three, in the process of adding powder to the automatic coffee machine, it is necessary to avoid the adulteration of water in the powder bin.
   Four, after the long-term use of automatic coffee machine, due to water quality reasons, more or less will be in the automatic coffee machine boiler scale formation. It can cause hot water not hot, and the coffee extract is not refined enough to affect the taste of coffee. Therefore, we should regularly use the automatic coffee machine dedicated calcium removal tablets, cleaning coffee machine scale problems.
   Five. The coffee maker of the automatic coffee machine will cause the loss of lubricating oil on the track of the extraction machine because of the long washing. Affect the normal function of coffee brewing. Increase the friction of the extraction machine, making the machine brewing coffee obviously feel difficult, and noise will increase. At regular intervals, a professional maintenance engineer should be required to clean up the brewing movement and add a food grade waterproof lubricant.
   Six, the automatic coffee machine in the process of making coffee, the interior will be coffee grounds or coffee powder spilled, and then cause accumulation. Since coffee grounds or coffee grounds emit aromas, they can easily cause cockroaches and bacteria, so clean the espresso machine frequently. Therefore, professionals should be removed, cleaned and disinfected.
   Automatic coffee machine maintenance methods should be carried out to routine maintenance, the use of the process should try to be gentle and careful. For coffee beans and pure water requirements, when brewing coffee, there must be a certain attention. In order to have a better coffee experience, you should carefully select the source of the machine and coffee beans.http://www.kitchen-home-appliance.com/