How to buy fruit juice juicer


   1. Material preferred food grade stainless steel material, this material magnets can not breathe, corrosion-resistant easy to clean. Plastic and can be sucked by the magnet stainless steel, fruit juice is easy to be oxidized, the material is easy to be fruit juice corrosion, rust and produce bacteria.
    2. Power preferred high-power juicer, recommended 800W and above power, the greater the power, the faster the speed, the higher the juice rate, and greater than 26,000 rev / min speed juicer, juice more!
   3. knife net design knife net is easy to wear parts, home appliances industry has introduced a titanium coated with a knife network, greatly improve the hardness and service life of the knife net. The diameter of the knife net is also an important indicator, the diameter of the knife network can continue to maintain the juice rate, the diameter of the knife net easily blocked by fruit juice, can not be lasting juice.
   4.CCC certification Juicer is mandatory 3 C certification products, the purchase must be clear when the product has a 3C certification to avoid the purchase of inferior products, bringing security risks.
   5. Juicer function of a good juicer or depends on the effect of juice. A good juicer should be squeezed clean and thoroughly, and the fruit contains less moisture. This can be on-site to show sales staff. And finally pick a variety of different fruit trials. So as to really test the juicer juice capacity.
Home fruit juicer does give us a lot of benefits to life and health, but the premise of this home fruit juicer must be of good quality, all aspects are in line with national safety standards, so we buy household fruit juice Juice machine must pay special attention to hope that we in accordance with the above method to buy, so our products  enough out of the home fruit juicer is certainly no problem.