How to choose a juicer?


Hot summer arrival, hot intolerable, to a cup of iced fruit the most beautiful but friends. But to buy a lot of inside the bottle of Gala chemical things, the most terrible is the preservative. You drink is not responsible for the body. Nutrient-rich fruit juice can protect your health. Want to come to a cup of pure juice how to do it? Do not panic do not have to busy, their own hands and feet, this time to use the juicer, and how to choose juicer? What is the brand of juicer?
Handsome appearance, glossy surface, surrounded by sharp corner edge, put the material safe and convenient. Now the appearance of mainstream products are stainless steel, looks nice, but also durable.
2.Juice effect
Juice effect is an important factor in measuring the quality of the juicer, good juicer should be squeezed clean thoroughly, the fruit contains less moisture.
Is a special storage of pomace containers, separate waste storage grid can be stopped in the process of juice to remove the fruit residue, the use of more convenient. devices
Juicers are generally equipped with a safety locking device, the attachment is not installed in place, the machine can not work, the purchase is not installed in the case of accessories carefully start the power, check the machine with a safety locking device
Juicer first operation should be simple, convenient and safe. The use of any machine will have a certain risk, so choose the juicer to pay attention to its safety design. The next is the problem of cleaning, the juicer is often used to squeeze juice or vegetable juice, there will be a lot of residue left in the juicer inside, clean juicer has become a very important issue, if the cleaning is difficult, then it is not recommended to buy The Then look at the function of the juicer, choose the right juicer from your own needs. In addition, the machine parts is the choice of elements, if the parts of poor quality, with not long before the bad is also a big problem. In short, when buying juicer, more attention.log in to our website for more details :