How to choose Juice Extractor in Kitchen-home-appliance


Juice Extractor is a kind of machine squeezing fruit and vegetable into fruit and vegetable juice within short time, it’s small can can be used at home. Juice Extractor was invented by Dr. Norman Walker as early as 1930. The doctor is famous for inventing the world's first juicer, known as the father of the active juice machine. On this basis, later designers improved and designed various styles of juicer.

Perhaps cost is your first consideration, so you concerned about the price, but you do not ignore the quality. Please pay attention to the following aspects.

1. Appearance: nice shape, surface gloss, no sharp corner edge surrounded, put the material safe and convenient.

2. Simple operation and easy to clean

3. Dregs storage: it’s a container to storage fruit residue. Separate dregs can be stopped during the juice process to remove fruit residue, making it easier to use.

Power cord storage grid: Juicer with power cord storage is easy to collect and hard to to damage the power cord.

5. Safety devices: Juicers are generally equipped with a safety lock device. If the attachment is not installed, the machine can not work. Be careful of start power button if without setting safety devices, when you checking the machine.

6. The speed must slow, at least under 100 r / min, the best between 70-90 r / min. More than this speed, in the moment of friction caused by high temperature will lead to rapid oxidation of fruit juice, loss of activity. If you cut an apple, half on the low temperature, half on the high temperature, you will find half of the high temperature changed soon in color. This is the reason for the temperature caused by oxidation, and the activity of fruit juice is very fragile, placed for 15 minutes or instantaneous temperature of more than 40 degrees will produce the loss of most of the nutrients.

7. Remove pesticides and heavy metals: This feature is very important because now pesticides are heavy metals filled with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Pesticide heavy metal is growing with the fruit and vegetable coagulation on the fiber.  Get to know more at