How to clean the cake machine?


    After a long time to the cake machine is also cleaning, then how to clean it. Here to give you explain how to use the cake machine after cleaning.
   1. In the use of often check the parts fasteners, if loose and tight in time;
   2. The gear meshing area is lubricated with grease, once every half months, the bearing seat has powder metallurgy bearing, each class must be oiled on the bearing seat oil twice, otherwise the shaft and the bearing glue at their own risk;
   3. The flour when the amount of flour should not exceed the capacity of the bucket, so as not to burn the motor;
   4. If you find the dough with oil, should be timely maintenance, replacement of oil seal.
   5. After the use of the machine should be promptly cleaned, so as not to affect the use of re-use;
   6. The height of the water in the bucket should not exceed the minimum point of the shaft during the cleaning to prevent the water from overflowing or flowing into the side plate interlayer from the side plate of the bucket to affect the service life.
   7. This machine is anti-drip type equipment, prohibit the use of water pipe cleaning.