How to clean the humidifier


   In our daily life, humidifier this small household appliances have been used more and more frequently, while humidifying the air at the same time, the use of humidifier for a long time is not also the need to wash it? How to properly clean the humidifier, how long to clean the humidifier, and how to clean the humidifier is a knowledge, the following to introduce you, the normal home humidifier correct cleaning method.
   As closely related to our health appliances, we are in daily use, should frequently change the water in the water tank, water tank to keep dry when not in use, avoid damp environment bacteria, with the mist humidifier to evaporate into the air, health effects.
   It is best to use pure water ultrasonic humidifier humidification, because many areas hard water is the calcium and magnesium content is high, plus water treatment water with bleaching powder and so on some water purifying agent, these ingredients is very unfavorable for the humidifier humidification, and a part of calcium and magnesium ions together with water mist spray, diffusion on the surface and on the ground. After drying to form a "white scale", the other part of the precipitation in the energy change sheet and the surface of the water tank, forming a solid scale, which is caused by impure water, and the energy change sheet surface fouling, will affect the humidifying effect, even not timely cleaning will cause the transducer load, the energy change sheet and burn electronic components.
   The timing of the replacement of water in the water tank. Chen water, because the water storage for a long time, the water will change, so do not use a long time, and do not sink in the water tank.
   You do not add inferior additives in the water tank (such as perfume), easy to cause the water tank and a water base crack position, influence the normal operation of machine
   Please put a humidifier. The collection of water parts cleaning, dry, dry and ventilated place is the best placed after the packing box.
   First of all, disconnect the power supply and operate it.
   Secondly, to use special cleaning agent to clean the surface, can drop 5 to 8 drops of cleaning liquid to change when cleaning, but also according to the scaling degree of escalation, until the scale removal is not available so far, pay attention to the compulsory hard tool cleaning, so as not to scratch the transducer.
   Finally, after cleaning, rinse the water tank with clean water. Never flush or splash the water into the inner part of the machine so as to avoid short circuit and damage the electronic components.
   This water level float switch, use process should pay attention to check, if the float scale, weight increase, will lose absolute self stop function, affect the normal operation of the machine.  kinds of air duct cleaning, humidifier  except electric type  has pneumatic device, this device has an air inlet and an air outlet, the air inlet is used for a long time, can lead to dust blockage caused by poor into the wind, the direct effect of water mist diffusion. The air inlet and outlet of the machine should be cleaned at regular intervals.