How to disinfect stainless steel kitchen equipment?


Stainless steel kitchen equipment in the commercial kitchen equipment is the preferred product of many enterprises, gradually into our lives, the application of the scope of more up. So how do you disinfect stainless steel kitchen equipment?
Stainless steel kitchen equipment disinfection, you can choose the following methods: the use of cooking utensils into the water, drop a little detergent, the greasy, stains washed, washed with water after the cabinet. When cooking utensils, you can use boiling water to soak, or put the cooker into boiling water to boil. About 10 minutes, the general bacteria can be killed, then use can be assured.
Also can be used to soak the bleach powder: with a teaspoon of bleaching powder plus two cups of cold water ratio, dubbed bleach powder. Wash the cooking utensils into the soak, remove the two minutes later, rinse with water, you can use.
Tableware disinfection methods are many, the simple method is to use detergent disinfection. Put the used tableware into the basin, suppress the water, drop a little detergent, scrub clean with water, into the cupboard. Potassium permanganate can also be used for disinfection. Take about 10 capsules of zinc, add half of the pot of cold water, the tableware into the potassium permanganate solution soak for 10 minutes, can achieve the purpose of sterilization, and then washed with water can be used.
The ideal method of disinfection is to first wash the tableware into the pot, completely soaked in water for heating, until the water to boil, keep two minutes, you can achieve the purpose of disinfection. Disinfection of the tableware into the cupboard, or covered with a shade, the water naturally dry, do not use a rag to wipe, to prevent further pollution. If the patient used the tableware, must be a separate cleaning and disinfection.log on to our official website for more details :