How to maintain the broken machine host?


   Maintenance and precautions for the mainframe:
   1. Before connecting the power supply, make sure that the power outlet voltage in your home is the same as the voltage required by the unit. When the unit is in use, the plug must be fully inserted into the socket hole. Do not use defective or badly connected sockets.
   2. Do not place the unit near a fire source. It is recommended that the minimum distance of the machine from the gas stove is more than 1 meter. The host shell is made of surprisingly environmentally friendly ABS-757 material. Most household appliances are used ABS material as a shell. ABS material is characterized by heat resistance of 80 to 95 degrees, brittle temperature of 100 degrees, so the need to maintain a suitable distance with the fire source.
   3. Do not place a wet cloth on the bottom and sides of the machine or use the machine near water.
   4. Do not place items under the machine, so as not to block the exhaust caused by poor host heat.
   5. The machine contains circuit, do not soak the machine in water or watering to avoid shorting the wire.
   6. Do not disassemble and modify, so as to avoid damage to the machine or personal injury.
   7. Do not overload operation.