How to make American coffee using a coffee maker


   As one of the world's three biggest drinks, coffee is also popular among the chinese. Today we tell you how to make coffee by using a coffee maker. The coffee machine in experience is an ordinary household coffee maker, basically the same.
   How to make American coffee using a coffee maker
   Tools / raw materials:Coffee powder、 Coffee machine、Pure water or boiled cold water
   Methods / steps:
   1, first of all, what we call American coffee means a standard, that is, 100ml per cup of coffee. So we can see the water needed for the 2, 4, 6 cups of coffee in the water tank of the coffee machine.
   2 let's take 2 cups for example. Water the coffee machine's water tank until it reaches the 2 cup dial, as shown. (Note: the injected water is pure water or has been boiled cold water, shall not tap water)
   3, put the right filter paper, one can extend the life of the filter, and secondly, can make coffee better extraction
   4 next, add the coffee powder. In general, two cups of coffee requires about 25g of coffee powder, the specific value can be determined according to personal preferences. Meanwhile, you can dig a whirlpool in the coffee powder slot to make the coffee powder mix better.
   5 cover the lid, turn on the power, and start brewing the coffee. The scouring process is around 2~3min
   6 the coffee began to drip slowly
   7 time to finish the brew, pour out the coffee
   8 can according to personal preference, adding sugar, cream.