How to Protect Kitchen Blender


The kitchen mixer is a useful tool for every season. People are particularly fond of using these useful electrical appliances in the summer, the weather is hot, the mixer comes in hand to produce frozen cocktails, smoothies and fruit juice drinks. Winter can also be used in mixed soup or dipped in water. They can also be used at any time to make baby food. Since the blender is very valuable in the kitchen, it is necessary to take care and maintain it so that it can last for a long time.

Protect the electrical components of the mixer. Do not produce mixed wires with other countertops. Do not immerse the mixer base in water. Carefully fill the mixer and observe the filling line. Never more than this line. If you are overfilled, the mixer may slow down. If so, remove some of the ingredients to another container to reach the level of the fill line and then mix it in two batches. Bake cloth or sponge in soapy water. Thoroughly remove the use of this damp cloth to wipe the surface of the base, the bottom of the base and the feet, and around the control buttons.

Whenever possible, wipe the button with a cloth or sponge immediately after using the blender. If necessary, use a swab or soft toothbrush to clean the blister area around the mixer selection button.

Separate the mixer. Wash all plastic or rubber sheets with a mild soapy sailor. Carefully wipe the rubber washer. If you have a plastic bottle, hand wash. If you have a glass bottle, you can in the dishwasher in the inverted frame. Reassemble the mixer.