How to quickly and easily clean the juicer


We all like to use the juicer to squeeze the juice, grilled meat, grinding grain and flour, etc., for our lives to bring a lot of convenience, but the cleaning machine is a more troublesome thing, if the cleaning is not clean Will breed bacteria, so do the juicer cleanliness is very important, the following several introduces cleaning methods for your reference.
Tools / raw materials:Detergent, cleaning agents, wire balls and so on
Method / step
Method 1: prepare one or two eggshell, knock into small pieces into the juicer, put the right amount of water, start the machine mixing, pay attention to time can not be too long, and finally turn off the power, rinse with water.
Method2: in the machine by adding one-third of the warm water and detergent, plug in the power for 30 seconds, turn off the power after rinse with water can be wiped.
Method 3: This method is more suitable for use when the end of the meat. We usually at the end of the meat, to put more oil, reduce the end of the sticky meat, stir, add the leftover dry bread and then stir, you can adsorb the residue directly removed.
Method 4: After cleaning up the dry mill pepper aniseed, the fine powder will gather the head, more difficult to clean, then we must use the detergent, put it into some, and then wipe with a dry cloth, and finally with boiling water Hot wash, so that the head of the powder can be dissolved, it is very convenient to clean up.
Method 5: When we squeeze the juice will find that the head will plug a lot of pulp, then we have to do is, first of the pulp fiber along the direction of the blade gently out, and then gently with a steel ball Scrub can be.
So that you can squeeze the juice or griddle meat, a few simple ways to clean up the machine, both convenient and can extend the life of the machine, you may wish to try it at home it.log on to our official website for more details :