How to repair food mixers of the fuse


     Replace the fuse:
     If the motor of the food mixer is not operational, the fuse of the motor may have been blown. The following describes the method of detecting and replacing the fuse:
     Step 1: Remove the upper cover to expose the motor.
     Step 2: Locate the fuse and disconnect it from the motor.
     Step 3: Connect the on-off detector or multimeter probe to the ends of the fuse to check for the presence of a path. If it does not exist, it means that the fuse has been blown and must be replaced with the same rated current fuse.
     Step 4: Because the fuse is used to prevent the motor from being damaged by excessive current, check the speed controller and other electronic components in the mixer to determine the cause of the blown fuse. Otherwise, once the motor is started, the new insurance will be blown.