How to replace the motor of the food mixer


     Replace the motor:
     If the design of small appliances is reasonable, then the motor should be the most prone to failure of the components. Therefore, the maintenance process is often the last to check the motor. Unless you have the appropriate tools, you should replace the motor and do not attempt to service it. In addition, you can also transfer the motor to the professional maintenance personnel for repair. The following describes how to detect and replace the motor:
     Step 1: Detect the continuity of the motor as if it were any other electronic components.
     Step 2: If an open circuit is detected, mark and remove the wires connected to it, and then remove the motor from the housing.
     Step 3: Make sure that the model and rated power of the new motor are exactly the same as the faulty motor to ensure that it can fit in the housing and perform the same task.