How to use the cooking machine


   1. Turn the container and turn to the right side of the cooking machine to break down
   2. Put the material in the container
   3. Install the crossed or angled blade according to the material
   4. After the knife parts are fully rotated, they are installed in the container
   5. The use of hard materials or moisture too little material grinding, it will cause idling phenomenon, hold the two ends of the host, gently shaking up and down, you can shorten the processing time
   6. After assembling the container with the knife on the main unit, press down and rotate it
   7. After the crushing work is completed, let the inlet of the container face up and rotate the blade to complete the separation
   Filter method of use
   1. Combine the milk cup and the cross blade
   2. Install the filter in the cup
   3. Close the lid and secure the filter
   4. Cut the material in the appropriate size and pour it into the filter
   5. Cover the top cover
   Cooking machine
   Jogging operation: the container and the host to be assembled, and the container protruding parts of the host above the gap at the press down, the host began to work, relax the pressure to stop the work of the host.
   Continuous operation: the host of the switch parts of the protruding parts of the container together down pressure, and then turn right in the clockwise direction, you can let the machine began to run continuously.