How to use the juicer


1, for the use of the juicer when the location can not be tilted, and to be placed firmly can not loose phenomenon, choose to put the juicer position must be flat.
2, must be used before the first check the juicer props and filters are installed in place, and confirm the cup after the installation of a firm and confirmed.
3, food or fruit before the juice, it should be cut into the size of the juicer inlet block, and then into the juicer.
4, before the plug in the power supply, we must ensure that the real.
5, start the machine, make sure the motor can run normally.
6, the food into the cup body, to maintain uniform speed, to avoid too fast too fast action, so as to avoid unnecessary danger.
7, after the completion of food processing unplug the power, and then handle the food out. To have the order!
8, carefully clean the juice inside and outside the various components, but to avoid the water into the motor inside.
9, the juicer placed in the sun can not directly ventilated place completely dry. This will help keep the life of the juicer!