How to use the soya bean milk machine right


1. Measure the food material
By randomly with a measuring cup type and quantity of the ingredients according to function.
Note: when making grain soya bean milk and wet bean milk, please clean the dry soya bean and soak it fully. (soaking time is 8-16 hours in northern spring and autumn, 6-10 hours in summer, 10-16 hours in winter, 5-6 hours in spring and autumn in southern region and 8-9 hours in autumn and winter).
2. Add food to the cup in the cup
Please take the material or soak good beans. After cleaning it, put it in the cup body.
3. Add water to the body of the cup
Please add water between the top and the lower water line. (the machine has no water to prevent dry burning function, such as the cup body without water or the water level is too low, the machine will not work, in order to ensure the safety of use.)
4. Installation of a fine grinder
The five grain refiners are installed according to the direction of the installation instructions, and the locations of the outlets of the five grain refiners are close to the lower ones. After the installation is completed, they are pulled down by hand, and the grains grinder is motionless, indicating that the installation is in place.
Special hint: please don't forget to install the grain refiner.
5. Making soya bean milk
Please put in the correct position Soybean Milk head into the cup body (that is, the positioning column head alignment on the cup logo on the head is inserted after the micro switch hole, be sure to open the switch) plug power line, function indicator light, press the function keys required, the corresponding indicator light, start pulping the corresponding program.
6. Pulping completion
The machine according to the procedures set repeatedly beating and fully cooked, the electric heater and the motor stops working, the machine alarm prompt Soybean Milk ready. Remove the power plug, ready to drink.
7, Filter soybean milk (only dry beans / wet bean milk function)
This machine is in the production of dry beans / bean Soybean Milk, slag slurry, boiled, nutrient release more fully, the user can according to their own preferences, to filter the Soybean Milk filter random, can make the taste more delicate.