Ice cream machine classification


   The soft ice cream machine is divided into vertical soft ice cream machine and desktop soft ice cream machine according to the machine shape. Ice cream machine, which is called the three-color ice cream machine.
   Single ice cream machine
   There is only one storage tank a cooling cylinder and a discharge port, while only one color that is a taste of ice cream. This ice cream machine we call the monochrome ice cream machine.    Generally applicable to small bars, coffee shops. Western restaurants, KTV, Internet cafes and other ice cream production and taste requirements of small occasions. The price is relatively cheap, this ice cream machine small size, light weight 80KG or so, the power is generally between 750W-1800W.
   Three ice cream machine
   There are two storage tanks two cooling cylinders and three discharge openings, and can be three colors that are three flavors of ice cream, which includes two pure flavors and a mixed taste. This ice cream machine market is more common. The weight is generally 150KG, power between 1700W-4000W range. Suitable for all kinds of ice cream shop, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, cinema and other ice cream production and taste requirements of more occasions
   Five ice cream machine
   There are three storage tanks with three cooling cylinders and five ice cream heads to make five colors and five flavors of ice cream. Which is three pure flavors and two mixed flavors. The price of this ice cream on the market is about eight thousand.
   Seven or more ice cream machine
   Also known as seven-color ice cream machine or colorful ice cream machine, this ice cream machine
For nearly two years of new products and new models. There are four storage tanks with four cooling cylinders and seven discharge ports. At the same time can be put into the four flavors of ice cream liquid, you can out of four kinds of solid color and three mixed colors of seven colors of ice cream. As the production of more taste at the same time. Especially for those who tastes the product requirements more occasions, before the need for two machines can do things, this model appears, completely breaking the traditional ice cream machine production color taste a single limitation. So this model was launched. By some operators in the pursuit and love.