Ice cream mechanism for cooling the cylinder


In order to ensure the health of ice cream consumers and improve the service life of machine parts, you must clean the refrigerator every day.
(1) Press the purge key to discharge all the slurry in the cylinder and press the stop key.
(2) with appropriate amount of warm water plus disinfectant, it will be poured into the barrel, two barrels of water the same.
(3) Press the cleaning key for about 1-2 minutes to drain the cleaning solution.
(4) with water cleaning 2-3 times, stop.
(5) turn off the power, wash and wash the parts.
A, remove the liquid valve side of the four screws, remove the liquid valve assembly.
B, in turn from the outlet valve out of the handle solid pin, handle, stem, seal.
C, from the cooling cylinder out of the mixer, remove the seal.
D, clean all parts removed, if damaged please replace it in time.
That is, by removing the reverse steps to install the parts.