Ice cream mixer how to make ice cream


   Ice cream is drinking water, milk, milk powder, butter (or vegetable oil), sugar as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of food additives, the mixture
Combined, sterilized, homogeneous, aging, freezing, hardening and other processes made of volume expansion of frozen drinks.
   The use of ice cream machine is very simple
   Newly bought back to the ice cream machine to be cleaned first
   The cleaning procedure is as follows
1) Loosen the four manual nuts on the stockpile seat, remove the storage seat, remove the two mixing shafts, remove the two puffs from the hopper, and clean them
2) Clean the freezer and hopper
3) the mixing shaft and the discharge valve seat back to the machine, the balance tighten the valve seat on the four manual nut
4) Go to the hopper and pour about 6 kg of water. Clean the hopper with a brush, press the "WASH" key to activate the purge mode after cleaning the hopper, Wait 5 minutes later, the other with the container to pick up the washing water, press the three handles, until the water is no longer out, press the "WASH" button again to stop the cleaning mode.
5) Insert the extruder into the hopper, respectively. Note: The inlet on the extruder must not be closed to ensure that the ice cream can be made after flowing from the storage tank to the freezer.
   The production process is as follows:
1) with a container loaded with a good weighing 3 kg of water, pour 1 kg of ice cream powder, stir evenly
2) to each hopper, respectively, to join more than 2 kg just put a good ice cream material
3) Wait about 5 minutes to ensure that the ice cream material passes through the expansion tube completely into the freezing cylinder
4) Press the "AUTO" button and wait for about 15 minutes. When the real-time hardness value is close to the preset hardness value, you can release the ice cream.
   When the ice cream is too soft, please wait about 2 minutes, such as real-time hardness value with the default hardness value when you can continue to release the ice cream.
   It is recommended that the day before the sale of the day, the deployment of the same amount of ice cream material, it is recommended that the machine once a day cleaning.