It is an irreversible trend for home appliance products to develop in the direction of energy saving and environmental protection


Since last year, the electricity price has been lowered, and the cost of living has declined accordingly. It is understood that in 2016 alone, the number of parallel countries, Power Grid Corp has reduced user capacity, cost more than 140 billion yuan. Yesterday, according to the national Power Grid Corp, has continued on half a century of city public utilities surcharge will be cancelled in the near future, this will make China the average price fell 1 in 1, at the same time reference to national sales of electricity, the cost of debt will save the total electricity cost about 35 billion yuan.
As users have to pay the monthly cost of rigid demand, the electricity price is always the people concerned about the people's livelihood focus, which makes both the national level or field production, these years for energy-efficient appliances are more concerned with. Refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning and other white goods, in the past have been at work due to large power consumption by consumers as "electric tiger" title. With the trend of high-end home appliances gradually obvious, white electric market in the future will usher in a number of more exquisite quality consumer experience, weakening the power consumption of the big white "characteristics" is not only the needs of consumers, but also the era of energy saving and environmental protection requirements to manufacturers. In the white electricity to energy-saving emission reduction appliances on the road, the national level plays a role in promoting is more essential. The consumer market is also clear about the propensity to choose energy efficient appliances.
Analysis of the industry, household appliances to the direction of energy saving and environmental protection has become an irreversible trend, and the reduction in electricity prices in the future will also give users and manufacturers to bring positive impact.