Juice machine, juice machine, broken machine and cooking machine is different


   Juicer was supposed to be the most widely heard of these products, but with the advent of several other machines, pure Juicer became less and less. Juicer stresses a "squeeze" word, through the rotation of the blade or the pressure of the piston on the food crushing, squeezing out the juice, to achieve the purpose of juice.
This kind of product is convenient and simple, easy to operate, but also has many disadvantages, such as the function is very simple, basically can only squeeze more fruits and water, with a kind of vegetables carrot juice rate is very low; secondly, because only Juicer in plant leaves, so the wave rate is very large, can said most of the flesh will be wasted, but also because of various shortcomings, juicer alone has gradually walked out of our sight.
   Wall breaker machine
   Wall breaking machine is regarded as the most popular juice product in recent years. Its biggest feature is that it does not appear waste material, how much food is put into it, and how much fruit and vegetable juice comes out. The broken machine known as the plant cell wall can break through the high-speed rotation, under normal circumstances, no matter how the moisture content of food, can be processed into liquid, which means the carrots and other vegetables can also add good.
The theory on the broken machine is the highest nutritional value of the juicer, can handle Vegetable & Fruit with belt core, to maximize nutrition absorbed by the human body, especially suitable for children or the elderly age is not good, drink a cup of juice processing machine was broken, even more than the nutritional value of the fruit itself.
   Hurom machine
   The juice machine was the most basic evolutionary juicer, his biggest difference is that in order to protect the pure juice, remove the high-speed rotating blade, instead of using the low speed screw extrusion technology, 75 RPM speed of gold, like squeezing the juice squeezed out slowly like a towel, does not destroy the fruit cell structure, fruit nutrition to preservation, and low juice does not produce heat, but also to avoid the heat oxidation problem of juice.
The theory on the juice machine juice to taste is the best, because these products are both broken machine will fight fruit again and delicate, there will be a sense of taste of the fiber, the juice machine without excess flesh, only the original juice, it is able to drink the most pure fruit juice products.
In general, a good juice processor is the most expensive of all juice products, and this price is not acceptable in view of its best taste and high technical requirements.
   Food processor machine
   In fact, cooking machine theory has been out of the juicer juice category, it is only one of the function of the vast majority of the cooking machine can complete many extra tasks in the home, such as playing Soybean Milk, do Smoothie, even ground nuts and other ground meat stuffing.
Functional requirements for more family, cooking machine is definitely the most appropriate choice, but because the process of ascension, cooking machine now generally also joined the breaking function, and the prices are reasonable, it can meet most people's needs.