Juicer how to clean


Juicer sales have been more popular, when you finish the juice, enjoy the perfect taste, there are follow-up work, that is, cleaning machines is more a headache.
However, today to introduce a few strokes, so that more beauty who have saved these worries, we may wish to try.
1. After squeezing the fruit juice, first clean the machine briefly, do not allow the fruit pomace and other debris to condense, which will bring certain troubles to the following cleaning.
2. Conditions can be disassembled, but the number of times should not be too frequent, easy to twist around the blade of fruit and other food fiber or residue, which requires your attention, the first along the winding direction of the residue pulled out , Then rinse with water.
3. At home there are discarded small brush or toothbrush do not discard, they are effective in cleaning small places, can use a small brush for brushing, so cleaning better.
4. If the cutter head is used to grind meat,  is the remaining bread breaking into bread residue, and then into the mixer, stirring, so that the effective adsorption of minced meat, etc., relatively clean.
5. The appearance of the cleaning is relatively simple, wipe with a rag, should not be washed with water, or scrub with a hard object, so as not to cause it to hurt, the base can not be immersed in water, so as not to damage the motor insulation.