Juicer the right to use:


1, the location of the juicer can not be tilted, and to be placed firmly can not be loose phenomenon, the best place to change the best place.
2, check the juicer before using the props and filters are installed securely, after confirming the cup body firmly installed and confirmed.
3, food or fruit juice before, it should be cut into juicer inlet size of the block into the juicer.
4, Juice before plug in the power, and ensure the reality.
5, start the machine, confirm the motor is operating normally.
6, the food into the cup body, to maintain uniform speed, to avoid too fast too fast action, so as to avoid danger.
7, unplug the food after the handling of power, and then dispose of the food out.
8, carefully clean the juicer inside and outside the various components, but to avoid water flow into the motor.
9, the juicer on the direct sunlight can not ventilated completely dry.