Juicer use Note:


1. Fruit juice, the nutrients will be substantially reduced, if the fruit juices within 15 minutes did not finish drinking, his nutrition will be reduced to 0. The best method of juicing is to use the block disinfection gauze, hand squeezing Juice, nutrition can be slightly reserved.
2.If the first use of juicer must be strictly according to the instructions for use juicer, juicer does not stop before turning must not open, remember. Juicer juicer knowledge of the purchase method can refer to the following information link, I hope you can buy the right juicer.
3. When using the juicer must be strictly in accordance with the rules of the juicer usage to operate, do not use the supplied items to promote food within the machine, such as small sticks, avoid fingers in the machine's motor rotation process do not Open the cover.
Buy the basic principle
• 1. The machine must be easy to handle, especially for easy cleaning.
• 2. Quality durable, there will be no replacement parts.
• 3. The speed must be slow, at least 100 rev / min, the best 70-90 rev / min.
• 4. Must have the function of stripping pesticides and heavy metals.