Juicers and soy milk machines work on different principles


Juicer refers to the separation of fruit juice and body, using the principle of pressure squeezed fruit juice.
High-speed centrifugal juicer is the use of a few thousand revolutions per minute net knife to smash the fruit, a strong centrifugal force so that fruit juice jet into the juice cup, while the residue is thrown into the slag bucket.
Grinding squeeze juicer by a screw within the low-speed rotation of 80 revolutions per minute, squeezing the fruit squeezed, the juice flows through the filter, the residue from the slag discharge port.
Soy milk by the smashing soybean mixers, soybean milk heater and control circuit composed of three parts. Soy milk with a microcomputer control circuit developed, as long as the press the start button, Soy milk began to work for a while will be able to drink delicious and nutritious milk.