Kitchen home appliances


As summer approaches, more and more people prefer to make juice by fresh fruits. Therefore small household appliances such as juicer become popular. But many people do not know the differences between food processor and juicer, so they are hesitated when choosing.

Food processor is a multifunctional device that contains the functions of juicer, blender, ice shaver, slushier maker, etc. Juicer aims at segregating dregs and juice. Literally, food processor is the combination of juicer and blender.

After understanding the definition of food processor, we wonder how should customers choose food processor. The paramount consideration of customers when choosing food processor is safety problem. For the safety, the customer shall consider the following aspects.Is the motor waterproof? If the liquid leak would it cause machine damage? Will it be shocked? Pour in some water, and let it come out to check if the machine is waterproof.Dose the food processor have over-temperature protection function to protect motor from severe damages caused by over-temperature. Over-temperature protection system not only protects motor, but also prolong the lifetime of the motor.Is it used safely? Check if the food processor equipped with in-built switch. Do it use food grade for wealth plastic?

Besides, the customers shall consider the revolving speed. High revolving speed will make the juice taste better. But it is not the higher the better, we shall also pay attention to the noise and dither frequency. The durability of the knife is also important. And the last is check the if the machine is easy to clean. A good food processor has automatic cleaning effect.

As the prosperity of the household appliances, various kinds of household appliances are emerged in endless stream, such as, coffee maker, popcorn maker, cotton candy maker, snack maker, etc. which bring great convenience for the life of people. However, the quality of these machines vary greatly. The customers shall be more careful when choosing such kinds of appliances.