Kitchen small appliances purchase skills


   Pressure cookers, rice cookers, juicers, soya-bean milk maker, microwave ovens, induction cooker ... ... these dazzling array of small household appliances rich food varieties, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity. But professionals also remind consumers that the choice of quality, but the small household appliances or the use of small appliances inappropriate, will let the kitchen was originally very warm place to hide security risks.
1. choose a larger scale, product quality and service quality of the well-known enterprises. Because the general shopping malls have a good after-sales service.
2 .recognize the "CCC" logo. (Hereinafter referred to as "CCC"), so consumers must see whether the purchase of electric food processing equipment to obtain "CCC" certification, whether marked "CCC" is a "mandatory" Certification mark.
3 .to see signs and instructions. The standard, the product logo should be complete, including: enterprise name, address, specifications (such as the capacity of the stirrer), model, trademark, voltage parameters, power parameters, power characteristics of the symbol, etc .; if the two plugs, Should have a "back" symbol; manual instructions should have a detailed description of the operation should be to prevent misuse of the warning, should have a detailed cleaning method and so on; product operation switch logo should be clear and reliable fixed.
4. should pay attention to safety. Nowadays, the safety of small appliances generally poor, when the purchase should try, choose the sound in the operation more gentle, shaking small products. Note the packaging. Packaging should be strict, the mark should be formal, good earthquake and so on.