Make delicious eggs with boiled eggs


1. Boiled eggs: according to the cooked you want to cooked eggs, according to the size of the water cup plus water, and then the eggs and other food into the boiled egg steamer or steamed bowl, connected to the power, cover the cover, press the button light can be.

2. Steamed eggs: the first steam to clean the heating plate; according to the volumetric examination of the tender section of the choice of water, according to the taste needs to choose a different water level; installed after the water poured on the surface of the heating plate, and then put the egg rack, The egg at the top of the top of the cup with a small cup at the bottom of the small needle to play a small hole, and then the head down, into the egg rack eggs, press the switch power; steamed eggs quickly into cold water, More easy, hot food is more fragrant.

3. Fried eggs: one to three eggs in the bowl evenly, according to the taste need to add different spices, scallions; first heat tray dry, and then salad oil into the heating plate, make the heating plate surface full of oil ; Turn on the power, turn on the switch heating, the oil temperature reaches a certain temperature will automatically power off (boiled egg with built-in thermostat), while the oil temperature will play the eggs into the hot plate; In the heat plate smoothing, and other eggs were slightly yellow, you can eat on the scent of fried eggs!

4 Steamed egg custard: first with a cup of good water into the heating plate, and then put an egg in the steamed bowl, eggs, uniform; then cold water poured into the steamer bowl, the water level to the bottom of the mouth, into the seasoning ; Put the egg rack, the steam bowl on the middle of the egg rack, so as not to move the bowl, cover, turn on the power, turn on the switch; egg soup steamed after waiting for 30 minutes or so to open the transparent cover, you can eat slippery the custard!