Manual dissemination of protein practice


Protein knocked into an oil-free bowl, a few drops of white vinegar, hit the bubble three times after the addition of sugar, continue to hit dry.
1. First of all, take a wide mouth of the basin, with a manual eggbeater, and then all things must be anhydrous dry oil-free;
2. After the protein is put in, first drop a few drops of lemon juice or white vinegar, and then hit the foam almost invisible original transparent protein solution;
3. At this time then add one-third of the white sugar, hit the wet foam, you will see the volume significantly larger;
4. At this time plus one-third of the sugar and then hit, hit the mixer can pull up an obtuse angle;
5. Then add the rest of the sugar into, you can pull out an acute angle, the basin inverted buckle protein will not fall, it succeeded.
The entire process takes only about ten to twenty minutes, and some because the first did not keep the water-free oil, whisk sticky batter above, so playing for a long time can not afford to play, and finally only to pour back. The success of the situation is really ten minutes to see the effect, if not passed after this time you can give up!