Manual eggbeater


Manual egg whisk is one of the necessary appliances in West point. Some people say, I have electric home, manual do not use. In fact, the production of West Point, usually need to have an electric egg beater and a manual egg beater. For example, make chiffon cake, electric for protein paste, manual for egg yolk paste. Because the chiffon cake needs to be made specially soft, it is also recommended to use manual egg beater instead of electric egg beater when mixing flour.
So, how to choose the manual egg beater?.
Before, when studying west point in foreign countries. I used the Professional Pastry Chef manual egg beater, hardness is very good, hard to beat eggs. But, because hardness is not enough, can not afford eggs. So, I think the egg maker needs to choose a better brand product. Using stainless steel rough line, good elasticity, not easy to deformation. The surface of the material was treated by electrolysis. And three eggs by hand assembled mode rejection. In this way, the stainless steel wire of the egg beater is not easy to turn around, and it is not easy to break.
It is worth reminding everyone that there are many false three. I've seen it in Beijing. Three false almost as real, and really can look almost as like as two peas. But the egg is not the steel wire, but the iron wire. Please give special attention to your parents when you choose them.

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