Method for keeping sanitary of kitchen utensils


Since Chinese eating habits are different from those in the west, we use the kitchen process to produce more oil pollution than foreigners do during cooking, which makes our kitchen very troublesome to clean up. Today, our company will introduce you some good ways to clean the kitchen, so that you can get a better clean kitchen in the process of cleaning the kitchen.
Microwave oven: the inside of the microwave oven doesn't need to be cleaned directly with a cloth. You can try putting a dish on the microwave and putting detergent on the plate. After the microwave oven into a high fire, turn on a minute, then put a dish of fresh water after three minutes, turn the plug, with a slightly damp cloth to clean the inside, after drying in the end plug. We recommend that you do not use steel wire and other hard cleaning tools to scrub inside the microwave oven.
Pan: Pan in the cleaning, can be coated with a layer of oil to prevent rust. Stainless steel pot, if the bottom of the pot can not brush stains, you can add water and detergent in the pot, and then cook for 10 minutes, you can very clean and clean.
Pool: the cleaning of the pool, the use of ordinary detergent can be very clean and clean. If there is any odor in the drain, pour the boiled coffee residue into the sink and then rush into the pipe.
Wall: kitchen walls are always difficult to clean, and the fumes in the cooking process are attached to the walls. So it's very inconvenient to clean. We can put the detergent on the wall, and then put on a plastic wrap or a kitchen towel. Wait a quarter of an hour or so, you can use a hard cloth or soft brush brush stains stains.log on to our official website for more details :